Dynaudio Contour 20

Posted March 25th, 2017 in Blog

Pearl Audio is proud to announce the new arrival of the Dynaudio Contour 20 loudspeaker. This two-way speaker is large and heavy for a stand-mounted model and made entirely in Denmark. This stand-mounted speaker measures in at 17.3″ high by 8.5″ wide by 14.2″ deep and weighs 34.2 lbs. Its 1.1″ soft-dome Esotar2 tweeter and 7.1″ Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) cone mid/woofer are bolted to a ½”-thick aluminum front baffle.
All of the Contour 20’s vertical edges are radiused, and the side panels’ rearward tapers are curved so the rear panel is narrower than the front.
The woofer features an asymmetric spider, said to increase overall motor symmetry, and is reflex-loaded with a port at the top of the rear panel; foam inserts are provided to allow this port either to be partly or fully blocked in case the bass is found excessive is some rooms or to be left unobstructed. The crossover features Mundorf capacitors, and electrical connection is via a single pair of high-quality binding posts at the base of the rear panel.
24″-high steel stands can be included for $500/pair.

Dynaudio says that the Contour 20s will play their best only when set up in an exact triangular configuration with respect to the listener (with the speakers closer to each other than they are from the listener), and only over a narrow range of ear heights. So listen closely and enjoy!



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