New 2017 Rega Brio

Posted April 14th, 2017 in Blog

Pearl Audio is happy to present the NEW 2017 Rega Brio-R.

This is the 6th generation of Rega’s best-selling amplifier.

The new Brio is constructed in a full aluminum two-part chassis which integrates a better heatsink while improving the solid construction that you have known with all of Rega products.

Below are photos showing the prior model compared to the new 2017 Rega Brio. The new 2017 model is on the right.

Rega Brio-R 2017 front Panel

Rega Brio-R 2017 rear panel.

Until the old one sells (we’re taking $300 off the demo ), we have them available for a/b comparison. Come on in for an audition!

Russ, John, Mike & Tara.



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