Nordost Valhalla Interconnects

Nordost Valhalla Interconnects



    Valhalla interconnect cable is a true Reference product. Until the arrival of Odin, it represented the most neutral cable connection ever developed. If you want to hear transparency and detail combining to deliver extreme musical accuracy from your system, Valhalla provides the benchmark against which all others must be measured.

    “Special. Very special indeed… I was genuinely impressed by the SPMs, feeling that they established new standards in many important areas. The Valhallas have just rendered them obsolete as any sort of reference. ‘Tis ruined that I am.”
    Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi + Issue 9

    “These are sensational cables, and you’ll love what they’ll do for your system. The Valhallas get my very highest, most unconditional recommendation.”
    Brian Damkroger, Stereophile

    0.6M $4090, 1.0M $4330, 1.5M $4930

    Nordost Valhalla Interconnects Features

    Available in RCA or XLR terminations.

    Nordost Valhalla Interconnects Specifications

    INSULATION: High purity class 1 extruded FEP
    CONDUCTORS: 8 x 24 AWG solid core
    MATERIAL: 78 microns of extruded silver over 99.999999% OFC solid-core.
    CAPACITANCE: 22.0pF/ft
    PROPAGATION DELAY: 87% speed of light
    DIMENSIONS: 8mm (1/4”) diameter