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    Akurate power amplifiers incorporate Chakra, Linn’s patented high-efficiency ultra-linear power amplifier technology, which ensures superior levels of responsiveness, efficiency and reliability whilst producing less heat and lower distortion than traditional designs.

    Linn’s proprietary Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) technology generates stable low-noise power rails for the audio circuitry, with higher mains noise isolation and efficiency than noisy, bulky conventional power

    All Akurate power amplifers feature high quality binding posts and are available with either balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA Phono) connectors. Choose from two, three and four-channel models to exactly match your system requirements.

    Linn Akurate Amplifiers Features

    Linn Chakra technology for powerful and efficient performance
    Powered by Linn Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
    Output power 200 W per channel (into 4 Ω)
    Available in two, three or four-channel models
    Choice of balanced or unbalanced models (XLR or RCA connectors)
    Internally upgradeable with Aktiv crossover cards for use in a fully Aktiv system
    Energy saving automatic signal-sensing circuitry
    Precision-engineered enclosure offers exceptional acoustic properties

    Linn Akurate Amplifiers Specifications

    Akurate 3200 2x200w 4ohms.

    Akurate 3200 3x200w 4 ohms.

    Akurate 4200 4x200w  4ohms.

    2 XLR / RCA Inputs.

    Akurate 2200: 3.58" x 15" x 15", 14.1lb

    Akurate 3200: 3.58" x 15" x 15", 18.1lb

    Akurate 4200: 3.58" x 15" x 15", 18.3lb

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