Linn Klimax Chakra 500 Twin

    Designed for use as a stereo power amplifier or in high performance multi-amplifier or multi-channel systems, the Klimax Chakra 500 Twin delivers incredible, consistently pure sound.

    The slim and elegant ‘machined-from-solid’ aluminium chassis not only looks fantastic but significantly contributes to the performance of the product. The chassis, common across the Klimax range, screens and protects the power supply and audio circuitry from vibration, thermal variations and electromagnetic interference to preserve the integrity of the music signal.

    The Klimax design is also incredibly compact ensuring internal signal paths are kept as short as possible to minimise the opportunity for interference and to maximise audio quality.

    This unique design means the Klimax 500 Chakra Twin can also be wall-mounted using the Linn V-Klip system – perfect for applications where space is limited or where you don’t want your system visible within the room.

    The Klimax Chakra 500 Twin features Linn’s proprietary audio-optimised Switch Mode Power Supply. This patented technology generates stable, low noise power rails for the audio circuitry, with higher mains noise isolation and efficiency than the very bulky and noisy conventional power supplies, to ensure all you hear is the music.

    Linn Klimax Chakra 500 Twin Features

    CHAKRA high-efficiency, ultra-linear audio circuitry.

    Noiseless 4-G power supply.

    Matching Aktiv crossover system available.

    Cool running, sleek case machined from solid aluminum that isolates and screens circuitry.

    Automatic standby function with signal sensing circuitry.

    Mains supply that operates from 90 Vac to 253 Vac.

    Neutrik Speakon four contact speaker sockets or 4 mm socket outputs.

    Single-ended and balanced inputs, selected by switch on the back panel.

    Linn Klimax Chakra 500 Twin Specifications

    Power Output: 100 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms, 200 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms.

    Power Consumption: >13 Watts standby, 30 Watts typical operating, 1000 Watts maximum.

    Bandwidth: 5.3 Hz to 37 kHz.

    Dimensions: HxWxD 2 3/10" x 13 4/5" x 13.9", 19.8 lbs.

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