McIntosh MC2301 Vacuum Tube Amplifier

McIntosh MC2301 Vacuum Tube Monoblock Power Amplifier

    The new McIntosh MC2301 monoblock tube amplifier hails the fusion of our Unity Coupled and Quad-Differential circuit topologies. The Mcintosh Unity Coupled Circuit stands as one of the premiere tube topologies ever conceived, making possible revolutionary power bandwidth and low distortion. Quad-Differential circuitry, a recent McIntosh innovation, cancels nearly all induced noise and circuit-borne nonlinearities resulting in the lowest noise levels ever achieved in a tube amplifier. With 300 Watts available at 8, 4 or 2 ohms, the MC2301 provides power enough to drive even the most difficult loudspeakers. From the demands of massed chorale to full-on rock and roll, the MC2301 delivers the most extraordinarily lifelike and dynamic performance ever heard from a McIntosh tube amplifier.

    McIntosh MC2301 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Features

    300 Watts Mono Power Output.

    Balanced Design.

    Multifilar Wound output Transformers.

    Wide Power Bandwidth.

    Two Balanced Inputs/Outputs.

    Remote Power Control with Meter Light Control.

    Large Gold Plated Five-Way Binding Posts.

    ½” Thick Glass Front Panel with Tube View.

    McIntosh MC2301 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Specifications

    Power Output: 300 watts at 8, 4 or 2 Ohms.

    Bandwidth: 10 Hz to 100 kHz.

    Sound to Noise: 117 dB.

    Tube Complement: 2x 12AT7 Voltage Amplifiers; 8x KT88 or 6550 Output Tubes.

    Dimensions: 12 5/16” x 17 3/4” x 23”, 116 lbs.