Linn Majik-I

    Majik-I uses high performance audio circuitry derived from Linn’s flagship Klimax products, designed to preserve the integrity of the source audio signal with outstanding efficiency

    Majik-I features six stereo source inputs, including a configurable phono input (MM or line level, upgradeable to MC) for a turntable, along with a front panel input for a portable music player and a headphone socket on the front panel.

    Linn’s Chakra amplification offers increased power, reliability and efficiency, less heat and lower distortion than other amplifier designs. Chakra amplification also deploys Linn’s proprietary hum and buzz-free Switch Mode Power Supply technology for superior mains noise isolation and efficiency to generate stable, clean power for the audio circuitry.

    Linn Majik-I Features

    6 stereo inputs including a configurable phono input (MM or line level, upgradeable to MC).

    2 channels of 100W Linn Chakra power amplification.

    Auxiliary input on front panel for easy connection to portable music players.

    Accommodates Linn Aktiv crossover cards.

    Linn Majik-I Specifications

    Power Output: 100 Watts at 4 Ohms.

    Power Consumption: 20 Watts standby, 30 Watts operational, 300 Watts maximum.

    Pre-amplifier Bandwidth: 2.5 Hz to 170 kHz.

    Power Amplifier Bandwidth: 2.5 Hz to 48 kHz.

    Signal to Noise: >120 dB

    Dimensions: HxWxD 3 1/8" x 15 1/16" x 14", 10.78 lbs.

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