McIntosh MXA60 Integrated Audio System

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Constructed in celebration of McIntosh’s 60th year in business, and wrapped in their trademark casework of stainless steel, black glass and blue lights, the new MXA60 Integrated Audio System from McIntosh challenges old notions about what constitutes serious audio hardware.

Capable of true-to-life sound reproduction that belies its diminutive size, the MXA60 is a full-blown McIntosh HiFi in-miniature. Now, perhaps for the first time, music aficionados need not trade performance for convenience. Conceived and executed by the same team responsible for the $250,000 McIntosh Reference System, the MXA60 stands ready to introduce a whole new range of music lovers to the pleasures of owning a hand-made audio system; a system steeped in the McIntosh traditions of unerring quality and value; a system that is built to last a lifetime.

The MXA60 features an integrated CD/SACD player and AM/FM tuners as well as balanced and unbalanced inputs to connect your favorite sources. The preamplification section employs a vacuum tube for rich harmonics and classic McIntosh sound quality. Unbalanced outputs allow the easy connection of a subwoofer.

McIntosh MXA60 Integrated Audio System Features

ThermalTrak™ Output Transistors for improved bias stability and enhanced low level linearity.

Sentry Monitor fuse-less short circuit protection.

Power Guard anti-clipping circuit and peak-reading Wattmeters for trouble free operation and low distortion performance over the long term.

Hybrid preamplifier circuit with input switching, tone controls, and a other user-adjustable parameters.

Very low noise solid state input circuitry and a vacuum tubeassisted line stage give the MXA60 the bandwidth and transparency for which McIntosh components are noted.

CD/SACD player with all-metal drive mechanism set in a heavy, die-cast base resists resonance for superior read accuracy.

24-bit, 192 kHz Burr Brown DACs deliver wide dynamic range and extremely low distortion.

Specially designed 2-way loudspeakers with select driver elements and custom cabinetry.

High-excursion mid/woofers with very large motors for low distortion at realistic sound pressure levels.

3/4” titanium dome tweeter features frequency response to 45 kHz.

Custom, cast aluminum enclosures designed to inhibit resonance.

McIntosh MXA60 Integrated Audio System Specifications

CD/SACD Player:

Applicable Discs: SACD, CD, MP3, and WMA.

Dynamic Range: >100 dB.


Power Output: 75 Watts at 8 Ohms x2.

Bandwidth: 10 Hz to 100 kHz.

Inputs: 1x Stereo Unbalanced, 1x Stereo Balanced

Outputs: 1x Stereo Variable Volume Unbalanced (may be used for subwoofer)

Sound to Noise: 98 dB.


Bandwidth: 60 Hz to 45 kHz.

Sensitivity: 80 dB.

Impedance: 8 Ohms.

4" Cone with High-excursion motor.

3/4" Titanium Dome.

System Dimensions:

WxHxD 22" x 10 7/8" x 16", 64 lbs.

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