McIntosh C2500 USB Tube Preamplifier

Now Showing At Pearl Audio Video РCome in for a Demonstration!

The McIntosh C2500 РA Tube Preamplifier for the Digital Age! Succeeding the venerable McIntosh C2300, the C2500 takes classic tube preampfification to a new level.

Here at Pearl Audio Video we compared the C2300 and C2500 side-by-side and were stunned at how the C2500 proved to be a massive upgrade from its predecessor in every way. Listening to a Rega RP6 through the Moving Magnet tube phonostage in the C2500 we heard massive resolution, deep and powerful McIntosh bass, and not a hint of noise or tube rush.

The linestage is improved as well, with smoother highs, more detail, and an airy, massive soundstage that only tubes can truly provide.

Yet the big news about the C2500 is its built in DAC! Featuring five digital inputs including optical, coaxial, and USB, the C2500 contains McIntosh’s new 32-bit, 192-kHz decoder and offers some of the best digital sound we’ve heard at any price here at Pearl. Essentially a built-in McIntosh D100, this digital section offers a uniquely McIntosh sound with bombastic bass and seemingly limitless resolution.

McIntosh C2500 USB Tube Preamplifier Features

Five Digital Inputs

Tube Phono Stage with separate MM and MC inputs

McIntosh Hi Drive Headphone Stage

Fully Tubed Preamplification Stage

McIntosh C2500 USB Tube Preamplifier Specifications

Inputs Unbalanced: 6 Stereo + 2 Phono

Inputs Balanced: 2 Stereo

Digital Inputs: 2 Toslink, 2 Coaxial, 1 USB 32/192 Asychronous

Size WxHxD 17.5" x 7.625" x 18", 30.5 lbs