Dynaudio Contour S CX



    Dynaudio’s extensive experience in professional studio loudspeaker technology allowed the development of the S CX to be focused on the requirements of modern multi-channel recordings: Each and every loudspeaker in a surround system requires the same level of sound quality – any variance in such between main speakers and effects speakers is unacceptable. The center channel has actually become most vital to the quality of the soundstage and has taken on even greater importance in the emerging digital audio formats.

    The Contour S CX utilizes extremely dynamic mid/bass drivers featuring solid aluminium voice coils to offer incredibly high power handling and remarkable low frequency performance, even in large sized rooms. The drivers are integrated into the massive, damped metal front baffle for absolute resonance control in the relatively large cabinet. Even at high output levels, the most dynamic impulse will be reproduced precisely.

    The Contour S CX incorporates the advanced Esotar2 soft dome tweeter to handle the high frequencies, achieving the highest resolution and purest, most homogenous response as recognized from the Contour S 5.4 model from which this tweeter was derived.

    The optional Center Base and Center Base2 stands allow positioning above or below the video screen or monitor with selectable angling for perfect sound.

    The Contour S CX is the perfect match for a system using Dynaudio Contour S 5.4 mains, both employ the exceptional Esotar2 tweeter and have nearly unlimited dynamic range. For those seeking the ultimate fidelity in vocal reproduction in a smaller scale system, the S CX may also be mated with Dynaudio Contour S 1.4 and S 3.4 mains, although the smaller Contour S C is also an option.

    $3630 in High Gloss White or High Gloss Black.

    Dynaudio Contour S CX Features

    Real wood veneers in Maple, Cherry, Rosewood, and Black Ash. High gloss black and white lacquers also available. Special order finishes include Walnut, Beech, and Bird's Eye Maple real wood veneers as well as white, black, and silver matt/soft lacquers and piano black lacquer.

    Exceptional Dynaudio Esotar2 tweeter.

    Extensively braced and damped inner cabinet.

    Select crossover components.

    Phase and impulse ideal first order crossover slope.

    High-purity custom made internal copper wiring ensure maximum signal transfer.

    Five-millimeter thick metal baffle with special damping panel.

    Optional adjustable base system allows elegant adjustment of tilt for perfect sound.

    Dynaudio Contour S CX Specifications

    Bandwidth: 46 Hz to 22 kHz.

    Sensitivity: 87 dB.

    Impedance: 4 Ohms.

    Two 7" Magnesium Silicate Polymer with 3" pure aluminum voice coil.

    Dynaudio Esotar2 1.1" soft dome tweeter with pure aluminum voice coil.

    Dimensions: HxWxD 7 3/5" x 31 1/2" x 12 1/2", 39.7 lbs.