Dynaudio Contour S 5.4



    The synergy of advanced Dynaudio driver technology and furniture grade cabinets built from the finest materials, all precisely manufactured to the tightest tolerances, is the essence of the remarkable Contour S 5.4. The powerful neodymium magnets, the precisely formed aluminium voice coils and the stiff Magnesium Silicate Polymer cone membranes demand a solid foundation to deliver maximum dynamics and an ideal impulse response. Thus, the front of the loudspeaker is reinforced by a solid metal baffle, fused to the wooden cabinet by a resonance-absorbing panel.

    The combination of two powerful woofers and a dynamic midrange driver offers the S5.4 a perfect balance of force and speed, enabling a most impressive performance in any stereo or home theater system. The high-resolution Esotar2 tweeter, with its coated fabric dome, allows every high frequency detail to unfold, uncovering even the finest hidden sound structures. The outputs of these advanced drivers are integrated through a technically ideal 6 dB per octave crossover. This topology allows maximum fidelity in the music’s rhythm and timing as well as powerful dynamics and a high level of transparency.

    The Contour S 5.4’s dual bass drivers endue them with prodigious bass output. This, along with their wide dynamic range, means they will function best in medium sized to larger rooms. With the dedicated midrange and highly revealing Esotar2 tweeter the Contour S 5.4’s will reveal the merits of the finest electronics. The Contour S 5.4’s are the perfect speakers around which to build a full size reference system.

    $11000 in High Gloss White or High Gloss Black.

    Dynaudio Contour S 5.4 Features

    Real wood veneers in Maple, Cherry, Rosewood, and Black Ash. High gloss white and black lacquers also available. Special order finishes include Walnut, Beech, and Bird's Eye Maple real wood veneers as well as white, black, and silver matt/soft veneers and piano black lacquer.

    The high quality components of the S 5.4's crossover are attached with heat-dissipating adhesive onto an aluminium plate allowing unrestricted dynamics and power handling.

    Extensively braced and damped inner cabinet.

    Select crossover components.

    Phase and impulse idealĀ first order crossover slope.

    High-purity custom made internal copper wiring ensure maximum signal transfer.

    Five-millimeter thick metal baffle with special damping panel.

    Exceptional Dynaudio Esotar2 tweeter.

    Dynaudio Contour S 5.4 Specifications

    Bandwidth: 30 Hz to 27 kHz.

    Sensitivity: 87 dB.

    Impedance: 4 Ohms.

    Two 8" Magnesium Silicate Polymer with 3" pure aluminum voice coil.

    6" Magnesium Silicate Polymer with 1.5" pure aluminum voice coil.

    Dynaudio Esotar2 1.1" soft dome with pure aluminum voice coil.

    Dimensions: HxWxD 57 1/10" x 8 2/5" x 14 2/5", 101.4 lbs each.