Dynaudio Evidence Temptation



    “…fabulous pitch definition and impact in the lowest frequencies, wide soundstage, freedom from treble grain, and transparent top end, all while seeming to disappear as the apparent source of the sound. This places the Temptation in the top rank of loudspeakers.” Larry Greenhill – Stereophile.

    One of the most ambitious project ever taken on by Dynaudio’s engineers, the Evidence Temptation is a tour de force of loudspeaker design. Four 7″ bass drivers, two 6″ midrange drivers, and two 1.1″ Esotar tweeters combined with Dynaudio Directivity Control technology enables sound reproduction that is 3 dimensional, dynamic, and transparent. The midrange drivers and tweeters are mounted in a thick aluminum baffle to ensure the perfect operating environment.

    Instead of relying on one large woofer, the four 7″ units make up nearly the surface area of one 15″ unit, but with much faster response and lower moving mass. While deep, accurate bass has always been a Dynaudio specialty, the Evidence line take every performance parameter to the next level.

    At Dynaudio’s cabinet factory, through patience and experience built up over decades, the finest wood grains are selected, veneers are polished and surfaces are coated. The side panels of the Evidence’s middle sections are adorned with an exquisite piano black lacquer finish. Beneath the labor intensive hand crafted surfaces lie low-resonance, multi-support cabinet constructions which are the result of an elaborate process involving strategically strengthening the cabinets through extensive internal bracing and damping. The sophisticated Evidence cabinets impress with their sheer level of craftsmanship, possible only through years of experience.

    Dynaudio Evidence Temptation Features

    Real wood veneers in Bird's Eye Maple and Rosewood. Piano Black lacquer also available.

    The cones of the bass and mid-range drive units are manufactured from Magnesium Silicate Polymer, a composite material developed by Dynaudio that is characterized by low mass, high rigidity, and ideal internal damping properties.

    Large diameter ports have been specifically shaped to eliminate harmful resonance to assure a completely clean bass response right down to the lowest frequencies.

    Tweeters capable of handling over several thousand watts in transients without suffering any compression, this translates to incredible dynamics with all music.

    Dynaudio Directivity Control reduces sound dispersed to the floor and ceiling by approximately 75 percent.

    Ultra-high purity OFC internal copper wiring to ensure maximum signal transfer.

    Isolated compartment provides the perfect mechanical and thermal environment for the carefully assembled and close-tolerance selected crossover components. Passive ventilation of the compartment enhances heat dissipation for high power handling and uncompressed dynamics.

    Dynaudio Evidence Temptation Specifications

    Bandwidth: 29 Hz to 25 kHz.

    Sensitivity: 90 dB.

    Impedance: 4 Ohms.

    Four 7" Magnesium Silicate Polymer with 3" pure aluminum voice coils.

    Two 6" Magnesium Silicate Polymer with 1.5" pure aluminum voice coils.

    Two Dynaudio Esotar2 1.1" soft dome with pure aluminum voice coils.

    Dimensions: HxWxD 76 1/10" x 8 3/10" x 19 3/10", 249.12 lbs each.