Dynaudio Focus 360



    “It’s easily one of the best loudspeaker values now available.” Jeff Fritz – SoundStage!

    The Dynaudio Focus 360 is a full-range loudspeaker capable of delivering the dynamic range of the most powerful recordings and today’s high resolution soundtracks. The impressive energy and dynamics are achieved by newly developed 8″ woofers, arranged in a dual driver design. The large diaphragm surface and immense inner volume of the cabinet allow authentic deep bass delivery and reproduction down to 31 Hz. Even the most energetic low frequency notes are reproduced in an absolutely precise and controlled manner, thanks to extraordinarily large voice coils with the magnet inside the coil.

    A dedicated midrange driver ensures that vocals and instruments are free from distortion and ideally placed within the soundstage. The Esotar2 soft dome tweeter is the ideal match for the powerful bass and midrange drivers, while the special coating of the fabric dome enables the smooth, natural high frequencies Dynaudio has become famous for – even when revving up the amp to maximum levels.

    The Dynaudio Focus 360 is a full-sized loudspeaker with prodigious bass output. Therefore it is ideally suited to medium-sized or larger listening areas. Whether used for music or as mains in a home theater, the Dynaudio Focus 360 produces massive dynamic swings, deep, tight bass, and holographic imaging.

    Dynaudio Focus 360 Features

    Real wood veneers in Maple, Cherry, Rosewood, and Black Ash.

    Carefully wound air-coils using the purest copper, choice Solen capacitors and zero temperature drift ceramic resistors.

    Impedance correction allows ideal performance with both solid-stage and tube amplifiers.

    Renowned Dynaudio Esotar2 tweeter.

    Exceptionally large in diameter woofer voice-coils allows a precise conversion of the amplifier’s signal to music.

    Gentle asymmetrical taper towards the back of the cabinet prevents internal resonance, as the side walls are not parallel.

    Additional damping, strengthening and bracing in critical sections further reduces unwanted vibrations.

    3-way design ensures both maximum dynamics and articulation.

    Dynaudio Focus 360 Specifications

    Bandwidth: 31 Hz to 25 kHz.

    Sensitivity: 88 dB.

    Impedance: 4 Ohms.

    Two 8" Magnesium Silicate Polymer with 3" pure aluminum voice coil.

    6" Magnesium Silicate Polymer with 1.5" pure aluminum voice coil.

    Dynaudio Esotar2 1.1" soft dome with pure aluminum voice coil.

    Dimensions: HxWxD 48 4/5" x 9 4/5" x 15 1/5", 79.6 lbs.