KEF Q900

KEF Q900 Speaker
    There are three full-size new Q floorstanders to choose from, each sharing the same audiophile-grade technology in the same basic configuration: a new generation Uni-Q MF/HF array paired with a long-throw bass driver of equal size, and two matching ABRs.

    The difference is the size of the drivers: 130mm (5.25in.) diameter in the Q500, 165mm (6.5in.) in the intermediate Q700 and a class- beating 200mm (8in.) in the flagship of the range, the magisterial Q900.

    As front speakers in a home theatre system, these effortlessly assertive performers are capable of flooding the room with an intricate and intensely physical soundstage.

    price is per pair

    KEF Q900 Features

    Two and a half way reflex

    Three 8" vented aluminum low frequency drivers.

    One 8" and 1" aluminum Uni-Q driver.

    New Uni-Q Array Drivers.

    Available in Black Oak, English Cherry, European Walnut.

    KEF Q900 Specifications

    Frequency Response 32Hz-40Khz

    Sensitivity: 91db, 8 Ohm Impedance.

    Amplifier Requirements: 15-200w.


    41.7" x 9.6" x 12.7" without included metal base

    42.6" x 14.1" x 12.3" with included metal base (as shown in photo).

    Weight: 49 lbs.