KEF Reference 206/2ds

KEF 206/2ds

    With the 6.5″ Uni-Q® arrays alongside KEF’s ultra-low distortion 8″ bass driver, the Model 206/2ds dipole rear effects loudspeaker floods the room with an intricate 3D soundfield that anchors on-screen action in a real sense of place. With the two Uni-Qs playing out of phase, it’s virtually impossible to tell where the sound originates – everyone in the room experiences the same accurate, all-enveloping sound image.

    The Reference Series crossovers are computer modelled to optimise driver integration and response accuracy, and then fine-tuned by ear to ensure naturalness and a musically rewarding listening experience.

    Precision engineered to eliminate every unwanted vibration, the cabinets are works of art in themselves. Massive internal bracing tailors the volume of each internal enclosure to the exact parameters of its drive unit. Extensive mechanical and acoustic damping, together with independent driver loading and KEF’s decoupling techniques, creates inert enclosures that eradicate any vestigial panel resonance, standing waves, stray reflections or box colourations.

    price is per pair

    KEF Reference 206/2ds Features

    KEF’s latest Uni-Q® driver array is the most natural-sounding yet.

    Tweeter at the centre of the midrange cone has a vented three-magnet motor system and a unique new braced dome.

    Polypropylene capacitors and air-cored inductors and internal cabling chosen for its accurate, neutral sonic character.

    KEF engineers have succeeded in greatly reducing the distortions that affect moving coil drive units by adding twin, balanced, Faraday rings above and below the voice coil.

    Precision engineered cabinets to eliminate every unwanted vibration.

    Extensive mechanical and acoustic damping, with independent driver loading and KEF’s decoupling techniques.

    Piano Black, High Gloss American Walnut, High Gloss Cherry, Satin Black, Satin American Walnut, Satin Cherry and Satin Sycamore real wood veneers plus custom high gloss colors.

    KEF Reference 206/2ds Specifications

    Bandwidth: 65 Hz to 60 kHz; -6 dB at 55 Hz.

    Sensitivity: 88 dB.

    Impedance: 8 Ohms, 3.2 Ohms minimum.

    8" with Ultra-low distortion motor.

    Two 6.5" Midrange with 1" Titanium dome tweeter point source.

    Dimensions: HxWxD 12 7/10" x 15 7/10" x 7 9/10", 25.5 lbs.