JL Audio Fathom F212

JL Audio Fathom F212 Subwoofer



    The challenges associated with designing high-output compact subwoofer systems can be quite daunting. In most cases, designers sacrifice low-frequency extension or output capability in order to keep the design small.

    The Fathom® subwoofers sacrifice nothing, thanks to the dynamic advantages of their proprietary JL Audio woofers. These exceptional drivers allow for a true subwoofer passband and very high output, while keeping distortion well below audible thresholds. To extract full benefit from the excursion envelope of its woofer, each Fathom® employs an exceptionally powerful switching amplifier with a large toroidal transformer and a patented circuit designed to enhance control and fidelity.


    The compact design and conventional form factor of the Fathoms apply beautifully to most home theater applications, including built-in designs. Front-mounted controls make them a dream to set up and adjust, while JL Audio’s exclusive Automatic Room Optimization circuit makes sure that response is smooth, even in challenging rooms.


    Simply put, Fathom® is the compact subwoofer system for those who enjoy demanding program material and won’t settle for compromises.

    JL Audio Fathom F212 Features

    Unbalanced Inputs: Stereo or Mono.

    Balanced Inputs: Stereo or Mono.

    Input Modes: Master or Slave.

    Phase 0-270 degrees variable.

    Power Modes: Off, On or Automatic signal sensing.

    JL Audio Fathom F212 Specifications

    Dual 12" Drivers

    Power: 3000w RMS short-term.

    Frequency Response 20-97 Hz +/1 1.5db

    Size 32" x 15" x 20.4", 220lbs.