JL Audio Gotham

JL Audio Gotham G213 Subwoofer



    Your first look will tell you that you are looking at something special your first listen will confirm it beyond a shadow of a doubt. The beauty of the Gotham® extends well beyond its exotic design and exceptional craftsmanship, aiming right at the emotional core of musical and cinematic enjoyment.

    This is a subwoofer system with limits well beyond the needs of the typical home theater application, delivering a weight and integrity of reproduction that can only come from a system that is always in control. Its allure lies as much in its ability to convey subtleties as in its prodigious output capabilities. It is simply devastating.

    A luxurious, handcrafted gloss-black finish is complemented by machined aluminum and stainless steel accents for a look and feel that fits perfectly with the finest home furnishings. More importantly, the beautiful cabinet houses a pair of JL Audio’s highest-technology subwoofer drivers. When demanded by program material, the Gotham’s amplifier can deliver voltage equivalent to 3,800 watts of RMS power to take full advantage of the twin drivers four inches of peak-to-peak excursion capability. This ensures that the Gotham can breeze through material that makes other subwoofers go into clipping, limiting or distress.

    JL Audio Gotham Features

    Unbalanced Inputs: Stereo or Mono.

    Balanced Inputs: Stereo or Mono.

    Input Modes: Master or Slave.

    Phase 0-270 degrees variable.

    Power Modes: Off, On or Automatic signal sensing

    JL Audio Gotham Specifications

    Dual 13.5" Drivers.

    Power: 3800w RMS short-term.

    Frequency Response 19-200 Hz +/- 3db

    Size 34.13" x 21.50" x 24.00", 360lbs.