KEF Reference 208

KEF 208

    The subwoofer is the heart of any home theatre system, providing an exhilaration that brings the sound stage physically to life. That is why the same level of attention and care has been taken to develop the Reference Series Model 208 subwoofer as the rest of the Reference Series range.

    Key components of any subwoofer are the drive unit, amplifier and enclosure, which in the Model 208 have been perfectly harmonised to deliver gloriously extended, immaculately controlled bass that floods the listening area. A 12″ drive unit ¬†utilises an optimised Strontium Ferrite magnet system that gives nearly an inch of peak-to-peak linear excursion. Delivering low distortion, accurately controlled bass whether for music or cinema soundtracks.¬†To get the very best out of the drive unit a 500W Class D amplifier has been custom designed to form a seamless partnership.

    The acoustically inert cabinet is beautifully hand finished with a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that complements the precision of the components it contains. The Bass reflex design incorporates a finely tuned port, delivering both performance and refinement.

    Overall, every element of the Model 208 has been designed to reproduce low frequency effects with delicacy and precision together with the excitement of sheer power and performance.

    KEF Reference 208 Features

    500 Watts of Class-D Power.

    12" Ultra-low distortion long throw bass driver.

    Incredibly inert and massive cabinet features extensive cross bracing and thick walls. The resultant weight of nearly 90 lbs ensures tight, resonance free bass.

    Innovative Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE) technology allows massive bass extension to be realised without a large enclosure. By filling the cabinet with activated carbon, ACE almost doubles effective cabinet volume.

    Unique system for self-adjusting output to suit the acoustics of the room using automated measurements of the listening area via supplied microphone.

    Piano Black, High Gloss American Walnut, High Gloss Cherry, Satin Black, Satin American Walnut, Satin Cherry and Satin Sycamore real wood veneers plus custom high gloss colors.

    KEF Reference 208 Specifications

    Bandwidth: 25 Hz to 200 Hz; - 6 dB at 22 Hz.

    Amplification: 500 Watts Class-D.

    Maximum Output: 117 dB.

    12" Ultra-low distortion long throw cone.

    Dimensions: HxWxD 18 3/10" x 22 7/10" x 22 4/5", 88.4 lbs.