Apogee Slant 8 Loudspeakers $1160

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Apogee Slant 8 Speakers!

These were a series of ribbon speakers that earned extaordinary reviews from back in the 90’s.  They used a ribbon technology very similar to maggies mated to a woofer, very similar to a magnepan.  These gave you a little bit of the best of both worlds in a sense.  The woofer is small and fast, so it integrates perfectly with the panel on these. 

These belong to a local Portland client and are being sold on consignment. Always kept in in heated environment. We do not have the original packaging for these, so no shipping on these.  These are not in-store.  Call us at 503 222-2599 if you are interested.

Stock photo.

Apogee Slant 8 Loudspeakers $1160 Features

8 inch Vifa woofer

39 inch Ribbon tweeter.

Slant cabinet to reduce internal standing waves.

Apogee Slant 8 Loudspeakers $1160 Specifications

Height 59½ inches
Width 17½ inches
Depth 17 inches
Bass driver 8" dynamic cone woofer
Midrange/tweeter 40" dipole aluminium ribbon
Max Sound Level 107db @ 4 meters
Sensitivity @ 3m ~86dB
Frequency response 26Hz to over 25kHz
Crossover frequency 1kHz
Suggested amp power 100Wpc min 200Wpc max (8ohms)
Impedance nominal/minimum 6ohms / 4ohms
Weight 120lbs each
Finishes available Black or Taupe Sand
Price (1996) $3995

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